Inside View - Third Edition

Saint Peter's Basilica from the banks of the Tiber River

Magnificent Saint Peter's Basilica from the banks of the Tiber River

Center of the Catholic Faith

Our trip to Rome was an opportunity to venerate the tombs of Saints Peter and Paul, to see Pope Benedict XVI in a general audience setting, and to conduct meaningful business with the Roman Curia.

We returned home with a renewed commitment to the growth of the Catholic Church in the United States.

The Mystical Humanity of Christ represents a providential gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church of our time. Our retreats and speaking engagements, and now our publishing are all designed to foster growth of the Mystical Humanity as a way of prayer throughout the United States and eventually worldwide.

picture of altar with chalice

The Greatest Prayer the World has Ever Known

Announcing Our Newest Retreat

"Praying the Mass and The Mystical Humanity of Christ

This "Whole Community Parish Retreat" is being launched during Advent, 2011. It is an inspiring combination of talks and faith sharing discussions. "God's greatest gift is offering Himself. Your greatest prayer is offering yourself in return." When you pray the Mass you give yourself away.

This event is unifying for the parish community. To date we have conducted over 75 retreats and given numerous talks. Over 10,000 people have learned the Mystical Humanity way of prayer, living with a heightened awareness of the indwelling presence of Jesus in their daily lives.

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We Bear the Burden of Possibility

You and I bear the burden of possibility and therefore, responsibility for passing on the light and joy of the Catholic faith.

The phrase "burden of possibility" was used by Father Richard John Neuhaus (1936-2009) in his Forward to Blessed John Paul's address to the Bishops of the United States titled Springtime of Evangelization. Everyone reading this knows it is possible to grow the Church in the United States, but have we taken on the burden, have we accepted the responsibility?

Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York warned the President of "an impending national conflict between church and state of enormous proportions." This is our time to stand up for what we believe; to recognize that the mission for which Christ came into the world belongs to each one of us.

picture of Father Frank Parrish

Financial and Moral Responsibility

The spirituality of asking for donations is rooted in Sacred Scriptures and it is about asking people to share the opportunity to directly participate in a particular mission. Our founder, Father Frank Parrish, S.J. (1911-2003) taught us the lesson of complete trust. We share his firm conviction that this is God's work and the resources and financial contributions will follow. Thank you for participating.

DONATIONS made out to "Mystical Humanity of Christ" Send to: 240 Troon Way, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Meeting a Jesuit Postulator in Rome

>Michael Huston with Father Marc Lindeijer, S.J., Assistant Postulator General for the Society of Jesus

Michael Huston with Father Marc Lindeijer, S.J., Assistant Postulator General for the Society of Jesus.

The bookshelves in the background hold over a thousand petitions for "ancient causes" (many over 100 years old) of various saints. Father Marc provided guidance relating to the cause for Cora Evans and expressed interest in the role of the Jesuits and Father Frank in particular. Also, he reinforced the importance of our role in the growth of the Catholic Church in the United States.

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The Roman Curia

The Congregations, headed by a Cardinal Prefect, are the equivalent of government ministries or departments, overseeing relations between the Holy See and the local churches.

The Congregation for the Causes of Saints

In response to a personal request from Bishop Richard Garcia, Diocese of Monterey, Monsignor Robert J. Sarno, an official at the Vatican's Congregation for the Causes of Saints, agreed to meet with us.


The process was clearly articulated by Monsignor Sarno including the theological review of certain writings, historical cataloguing of Cora's writings and related materials, and taking sworn testimony for witnesses.


One purpose of Inside View is to keep you in the loop as this process unfolds.

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The Ordination of Deacons

A highlight of our trip was attending the ordination of Deacons, students at The Pontifical North American College in Rome. The ordination, a transitional step in anticipation of their priesthood, took place at the Altar of the Chair, which is the focal point of the apse, located at the eastern end of the Basilica of Saint Peter's. Our former Archbishop (San Francisco) William Cardinal Levada, was the ordaining prelate. Cardinal Levada is the Prefect of the Congregation for the Docrtine of the Faith.

A Homily in Bronze

>The Altar of the Chair, the bronze sculpture by Cian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680)

The Altar of the Chair, the bronze sculpture by Cian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680), is actually a reliquary housing the remains of a wooden chair used by Saint Peter. The Chair itself - which appears unsupported in mid-air - is over 20-feet tall, the figures of the bishops between 13 and 16-feet, the massive work weighs over 150,000.


The scale reminds us of the ministry of Saint Peter, handed on through generations in an unbroken line to Pope Benedict, XVI, his 265th successor.


Depicted on the Chair, but difficult to see in this picture, is the scene of Peter kneeling before Jesus, making his confession of love, and Jesus entrusting to Peter the task of shepherding the flock (see Jn 21:15-17).


East and West - The four Bishops (left to right) are early Church Fathers, two from the East and two from the West: Saint Ambrose, Saint Athanasius, Saint John Chrysostom, and Saint Augustine.


The sculpture speaks to tradition, teaching authority, leadership, and it is a reminder of the activity of the Holy Spirit, the source of our unity with each other and those who have gone before us.


We would love to hear from you:

Michael McDevitt, Executive Director (Custodian for the Writings of Cora Evans)
Mystical Humanity of Christ, Inc. (Petitioner for the Cause of Cora Evans)
240 Troon Way
Half Moon Bay, California 94019
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The Spirituality of Funding

The mission for which Jesus came into the world happens through us. The promulgation of the Mystical Humanity of Christ is not my work, it is the work of the resurrected Christ, and each one of us are instruments responding to the choices He gives us. The spirituality of funding is about working together to establish His Kingdom of love within souls. 

Cora Evans was commissioned by Our Lord to promote this way of prayer for the faithful throughout the world. Father Frank Parrish, S.J. was appointed to guide her soul. Today we are entrusted with the responsibility to carry the mission forward. The enthusiasm I feel, aware that the Catholic Church is proceeding with the cause for Cora, comes from knowing that it will benefit the whole Church. God is good to give all of us such an opportunity.

An Opportunity to Participate: we need $25000 to $30000 to move things forward. I am reaching out to you to consider making a generous donation. Your gift of any amount is very much appreciated. 

Donation by Mail: donation check payable to the Mystical Humanity of Christ (a non-profit organization) 240 Troon Way, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019. 

NOTE: All donors will receive a free copy of The Unseen Power of Prayer, or you may order the book directly (see below).

"The Unseen Power of Prayer"

Book cover Power of Prayer

by Michael McDevitt

Published by Our Sunday Visitor Publishing
Imprimatur granted by Most Reverend John M. D'Arcy

"Learn how to initiate a unique journey of spiritual motivation through the life-altering experiences and insights of an inspirational speaker and storyteller. Michael McDevitt, retreat master, has given us an intimate look into his own prayer life, the deep well from which his retreats and talks come, and he introduces us to an indwelling Christ; a Jesus who is in us and with us every moment of every day." 

Barbara Stinson Lee
Freelance Writer and Former Editor, Intermountain Catholic

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